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PCC Custom worlds
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Submitted By poiuytrewq118 on 13/12/31
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When I return to Mars I will be bring new maps with me. The PCC will be aloud to use all these maps before I return. I will release one to MrSniper and he will make an event for maybe just a day or two maybe even just an hour or two it's his choice. This world is custom MrSniper is not aloud to give you the URL until I return. I hope I will get some new members. If you try to squeeze the URL out of MrSniper you may be kicked from the clan. I'm still away but maybe returning in June for about a month and then leave until Sep. hopefully I will not have to leave mars again.

Special thanks to (MrSniper)+ for keeping the PCC up while I'm on earth not mars.

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Array Re: PCC Custom worlds
2014/01/01 - 6:23 GMT
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Lol... earth not mars :P
Anyways no problem ^__^
Cya later!
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Array Re: PCC Custom worlds
2014/01/01 - 14:58 GMT
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Wow AWESOME. I didn't know you could make customs! I'd like to give you a sugestion for one. Try to make a Dessert Raceway! That will be SICK! Oh Cya

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