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I'm done
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Submitted By CrazyRPGGuy on 14/01/03
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Sorry to inform you but I'm leaving mars. I was showing my mom the game one day. We were using two computers on the same server when haxx whoever that is hacked us. He cussed my mom out and did the same to me. If people like this are in the game I'm leaving. I'm sorry I guess you'll have to find a new clan messenger.
Special thanks for being great friends in gameplay:
Thanks for being a great friend to me guys!

Signing off

29 minutes - 17v
Posted 2014/01/03 - 0:14 GMT
Sorry about that.
20 hours - 2,588v
Posted 2014/01/04 - 2:50 GMT
Dang, what a idiot haxx. Go crap yourself. RPGGuy, We'll see ya later. Hopefully we'll cross paths again. Bye!

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